About Nancy Thomas

Nancy L. Thomas

For over 30 years, Mrs. Nancy Thomas and her husband, Jerry, have offered their Colorado home as a healing and soothing environment for emotionally disturbed children and their parents. Set in a relaxing environment complete with scenic mountains and friendly animals, Nancy Thomas has successfully rehabilitated a number of previously violent children, 90 percent of whom had been involved in murder. After gaining national recognition from the 1990 HBO special Child of Rage, Nancy Thomas has been invited around the world to share her knowledge and experiences with parents and professionals. For 10 years, Nancy Thomas worked as a Professional Therapeutic Parent and has spent over 2,000 hours as a secondary lay-therapist. Nancy Thomas also has 10 years of experience working with Foster Cline, M.D., author and founder of the Love and Logic program. In 1996, Nancy Thomas acted as an Interim Professor at Colorado Mountain College, teaching behavior modification theory, a subject normally applied to humans, as it related to animal behavior management. Nancy Thomas also taught at the Providence General Medical Center for Continuing Medical Education in order to fulfill renewal requirements for her Washington State Board of Medical Examiners license. For her work with the Providence General Medical Center, the American Medical Association (AMA) honored Nancy Thomas with a Physicians Recognition Award. Nancy Thomas currently provides resources for families, educators, and therapists through Attachment.org, offering hope for parents of children with special needs. Also the President of Families by Design, which works through Attachment.org, Nancy Thomas provides educational materials and seminars for parents and teachers. Countless parents continue to send Nancy Thomas correspondence thanking her for the positive difference she has made in their lives.